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The following provide answers to commonly asked questions and are arranged by topic or area of site. We have spent a great deal of time with these and hope they provide clarity to the answers you seek. If they do not, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be sure to get back with you just as soon as possible.  

Usage of

Q. Do you have to be a business owner or manager to use
A. Absolutely not; anyone can use the site to research, buy and sell business assets and services.

Q. Is it really free to post ads on
A. Yes it is. Those that choose to register will realize that most of the features they pay for on subscription-only sites are provided for free on

Q. Do I have to pay a subscription in order to view free ads, like another popular site?
A. No, we don't charge for any ads and we don't limit viewership like another popular commercial real estate site.

Q. Do I have to be in business to sell business assets and services on
A. Not necessarily, but having an established business structure in places generally lends credibility to you and helps facilitate sales.

Q. I have a number of household furnishings I'd like to sell- can I list non-business related items for sale on
A. Absolutely not. is for business assets and services only. Any listings not compliant with our policies will be reported and removed immediately. Repeated violations of our policy will be subject to removal from the site.

Q. Does offer any guarantees or buyer protection programs?
A. is user moderated and offers no warranty, guarantees or buyer protection programs of any sort on content, assets or services advertisied.  

Q. How do I know if what I want to sell is considered a business asset or business-to-business service?
A. A good litmus test if you're really unsure is to ask yourself if your product or service would be of more interest to 5 of your neighbors or 5 local businesses? If it would be more likely to interest 5 of your neighbors than it's better to advertise elsewhere.

Q. Can I list personal items for sale if I'm a paid Subscriber?
A. No. As above, is for business asset and services only without exception. Any intentional violations of our policy will be subject to removal from the site. 

Q. I'm an attorney and specialize in family law; can I advertise my legal services on
A. Unless you advertise a service with a business-to-business spirit you may not advertise on If you specialize in family law but dabble in M&A efforts than you may advertise merger and acquisition services as they are within the spirit of B2B services.

Q. I sell cars to businesses and private individuals, how can I advertise on without being in violation of your B2B policies? 
A. If you sell vehicles to businesses you may advertise 'fleet programs and discounts' or 'corporate lease incentives' where the spirit is one of a business-to-business transaction. To advertise the sale of a specific vehicle does not have a B2B spirit and would be in violation of our policy. 

Q. I see someone advertising personal goods or services, what should I do?
A. Please click on the ad to ithe listing page and click "Report Abuse" link at the top right of the ad; we will take it from there. The seller WILL NOT know who reported the violation. Please understand that without the help of our community it would be impossible to monitor every ad, so your help is appreciated.

Q. How can you provide free advertising with so many free features?
A. Our business model  is one built on relevance and interests of like-minded individuals. We provide no barriers and no risk to entry, thus generating large listing inventories. About 8% of our user base are professionals who realize value  in the advanced features and dynamics of our subscription-based services and thus help subsidize the free advertising for others. 

Q. How can I be certain my ad will be seen on in my market?
A. We use geolocation technologies for listing and search functions which substantially improves the liklihood of your ad getting noticed with relevant search queries. There is no guarantee that anyone will ever see your ad. However, if you don't place an ad we guarantee no one will ever see it on! After all, it is free and there is no risk.

Q. I received an 'Account Inactivity' email message; what is this?
A. An account is considered inactive when there has been no activity in adding, deleting or marking any ad listings sold for a period of one(1) year. Users will be sent two emails informing them of account inactivity, if account remains inactive after this time the account will be archieved.  

Q. Why do ads appear different while viewing search results in the different categories?
A. First, each category has special fields or queries that are unique to that specific category. This provides a level of detail and relevance to searching that is seldom found on other business sites. More relevance plus better visability equals greater sales. Secondly, paid Subscribers enjoy a larger ad with more detail and visability than Registered users, who in turn enjoy a larger ad with greater detail and more visability than an anonymous user. 

Q. I have an idea to improve; do you accept ideas and constructive criticism?
A. Absolutely! We are very open and appreciative of constructive criticism and new ideas for functionality. Please don't be offended though if we can't get remedi your concern or impliment an idea right away.

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Listing Anonymously

Q. Why do you allow users to post anonymously?
A. Two reasons: a) Some users may want to 'test drive' the system prior to registering with their contact information or prior to subscribing. This is a very quick and unobtrusive way to advertise business assets and services. b)Business owners or high-profile individuals wishing to sell themselves often prefer anonymity to avoid upsetting staff, investors or customers. Anonymity provides controlled interaction if and when the user wants to respond to an inquiry after verifing the authenticity of the request.

Q. I'm a business broker, do I need to list ads anonymously?
A. Every user may choose their own means of advertising, but as a broker you should desire as much exposure as possible while keeping your sellers' identity and information confidential until the inquiring source is verified.

Q. Shouldn't users that post anonymously have some accountibility?
A. Anonymous sellers are anonymous to other users and not to management. All anonymous users must verlfy an active email address while IP addresses are recorded for location verification and filtering.  

Q. I'm interested in learning more about an ad listing but the anonymous seller won't respond- how else can I get in touch with them?
A. There is no other means to contact them. If an anonymous seller doesn't respond than either they sold the item and hasn't yet removed the ad or they don't care to respond to the inquiry. 

Q. Are anonymous sellers less likely to be legitimate? 
A. Absolutely not. There are a few good reasons sellers would want to remain anonymous (mentioned above), but like anything or anyone else, every transaction requires a certain amount of due diligence on behalf of both buyers and sellers. 

Q. Will I need to confirm an ad listing everytime I place an ad?
A. If you continue to place ads anonymously- yes; this is one way we are able to confirm ad listings by real people (instead of bots) and hold anonymous users accountable for acceptable listing policies. Registered and Subscribed users do not need to confirm ad listings via email everytime an ad is placed.  

Q. Can I edit an ad at a later date if I post anonymously?
A. Yes. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your ad. Within this confirmation email you'll find a link to edit your ad. Make sure to save this email so you can return at any time to edit your ad.

Q. Are there restrictions to placing an ad anonymously?
A. Yes, along with not having an account Dashboard to manage your account and ad campaigns there are limitations on the number of ads that can be published live, the number of accompanying pictures, no publishing of phone numbers and a small display in search results.

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Q. Does it cost anything to register?
A. No, absolutely no cost and no obligation to subscribe at a later date. Registration affords many features and functions unavailable to anonymous users.

Q. Why would I want to register?
A. Registration provides many benefits that listing anonymously doesn't; such as your own Dashboard to add/manage your ads, monitor basics analytics, respond to messages- ananymously if you prefer, post more ads at the same time with more pictures accompanying each ad and enjoy more visibility with larger ads. Even if you don't sell regularly it makes sense to register to take advantage of all the free features. 

Q. Can I delete my account at any time?
A. Yes, you may delete your account within your Dashboard at any time. 

Q. If I delete my account will I still be able to list anonymously?
A. Yes, you are always able to post an anonymous listing.

Q. Is there a trial period available for the subscription services?
A. Yes! If you are a registered user you can go to your account Dashboard, go to Account Information and change Account Type to Trial Subscription. Note that if you already tried the Trial Subscription at some point it will no longer be available. You can also purchase a subscription here as well. 

Q. If I cancel a paid subscription will I still be able to use
A. Yes. If you need to cancel your subscription you will remain a Registered User and still enjoy all the features associated with being a registered user.


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Subscription & Trials

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Placing An Ad Listing

Q. Are there ad listing restrictions based on user types?
A. Yes, Anonymous users may place up to five(5) ads at any given time with two(2) pictures per ad, Registered users may place up to twenty five(25) ads with up to ten(10) pictures per ad and Subscribers may place an unlimited number of ads with up to fifty(50) pictures per ad.

Q. What happens if I place an ad that is not a business asset or B2B service?
A. Your ad will be removed immediately, we will record the violation and send you a notice of violation. Your account and IP will be flagged and monitored for future listing violations. If another violation should occure we will ban the account indefinately. Although this may sound harsh we take our listing policies very serious as our users' interest in relevant information is of paramount importance to us.   

Q. I advertise on other business-for-sale and commercial real estate sites; is there a way to easily copy my ads to to avoid having to rewrite all of the ads?
A. We are working on a free widget to help users migrate their ad listing data from other sites. This tool should be available by August of 2016 and we will notify everyone once beta is complete. Not perfect, but less tedious than re-writting all of the ads is the copy-and-paste method. 

Q. Can I edit an ad if I'm an anonymous user?
A. Yes, return to the confirmation email you received after placing the ad. Below the confirmation link within the email is a link to access and edit your ad. If you inadvertantly deleted the email you will need to compose a new ad with the changes desired.

Q. I accidentally placed an ad in the wrong category, is there a way to change categories?
A. Yes, simply go into your account Dashboard, go to My Active Listings, find your listing and click Manage This Listing to unlock editing features. Go to edit and Edit Category to make your changes.

Q. I placed an ad but don't see a "Save" button with my ad in the search result listings?
A. The "Save" feature is available to Registered and Subscribed users only, as all saved or favorited ads are available through an account Dashboard only.

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Buyer & Seller Relations

Q. Does facilitate payment between buyers and sellers for business assets or services?
A. No, provides a portal for buyers and sellers to interact; we do not regulate nor facilitate payment of any kind bewteen buyers and sellers.

Q. How do I make sure a seller is reputable and trustworthy before buying from them?
A. While there is never a guarantee of a pleasant and satisfactory transaction with any company or individual, there are a number of due diligence opportunities available to everyone if one spends the time researching. By no means is this complete or comprehensive, but you can check out our Safe Transaction Tips page to give you some ideas on what to look for and where.

Q. Does provide user feedback and ratings?
A. Not at this time. Our forum provides a means to openly communicate experiences between buyers and sellers. 

Q. I've had a bad experience with another user; will mediate indifferences?
A. No, we do not mediate or police any transactions or relations between users that does not directly violate our terms of service. Our forum is the venue for publicizing positive or negative experiences with other users, providing it is done in concise and professional manner. You can check out our Safe Transaction Tips for advice on correct forum participation.

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Searching & Alerts

Q. What happens if I see an exact copy of my ad on a competitor's site?
A. Contact us immediately and we will research to a conclusion. Plagiarism is wrong, illegal in some cases and not at all accepted on

Q. How long is a Search Alert active once the search queries are set?
A. Search Alerts will remain active for up to one year unless deleted by the user.

Q. Can I set alerts for when a particular seller places an ad?
A. Not at this time. 

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Group Enterprise Feature

Q. What is the Group Enterprise feature?
A. The Subscriber is able to create, monitor and manage multiple Members within their group. Think of a parent and child relationship; the parent is the Subscriber, or owner of the group and the child is a Member of the owner's group. 

Q. Why would I want the Group Enterprise feature?
A. Two reasons: First, a Subscriber is able to monitor and manage a Member's advertising activities. This is a great feature for managing multiple salespersons or locations from one centralized location and monitoring results from specific advertising campaigns. Managers are also able to monitor the performance of their Members. Secondly, a Subscriber having numerous Members within their group is much less expensive than paying for additional subscriptions. The more Members a Subscriber has in their group the less they pay per Member; a volume discount of sort.

Q. What are some examples or applications for the Group Enterprise feature?
A. Many! You own a commercial real estate company that has numerous offices around the state; each salesperson would be a Member of your group which allows you to manage and monitor the effectiveness of their advertising. You sell consigned restaurant equipment and have multiple locations; each location would be a Member which would help you monitor inventory, advertising campaigns in each area and monitor the effectiveness of Members' advertising. You manage a mechanical contracting firm with several sales persons; each sales person is a Member of your group where they can publish advertising campaigns to generate leads that you can monitor and confirm there is follow-through. You own a CPA firm with multiple locations; allow each location manager to market your firm in each location while you are able to monitor their advertising results with the advanced metrics and graphs available to Subscribers.

Q. I belong to an industry alliance; can aliance Members become Group Enterprise Members?
A. While you can have an unlimited number of Members under one Subscriber, only one(1) Subscriber per domain is permitted.   

Q. How do I buy or enable it?
A. When you purchase a subscription you are prompted to choose the number of Member licenses; each Subscription includes up to three(3) Member licenses. To purchase additional licenses simply select the number you wish and follow the checkout prompts. Please note that all additional Member licenses purchased are annual pay and non-refundable. If you wish to increase the number of Member licenses during your Subscription period you may do so through your account Dashboard and Renew Subscription.

Q. Do my Group Members know that I have access to their ad lsitings and metrics?
A. They would if they've read through this Q&A section and our Terms of Service. Group Members do not know if and when you monitor their activity. 

Q. Can I get a refund on any Member licenses not used?
A. We do not issue refunds of any type.  

Q. How do I add group Members?
A. Through your account Dashboard go to Manage Account Group where you can invite new group Members to join by completing the simple email address below. Once submitted the recipient gets an email, simply clicks the link in the invitation and is directed to complete a registration page with their information. Once the registration page is submitted they are now part of your group and may enjoy many of the Subscriber features.  

Q. Are group Members able to access my Subscription account and monitor other Members' activities?
A. Absolutely not. Only Subscribers have access to their Members' accounts- Members do not have access to the account owner's data.

Q. I had an employee leave; what about all of the ad campaigns he had running before he left? Do I need to delete them?
A. No need to delete and rewrite all of an ex-member's ads; simply go into your account Dashboard, Manage Account Group, locate the ex-member and Re-Assign their campaigns to you. All of their data will now be in your My Active Listings.

Q. Am I responsible for my Member's activity?
A. Yes, you are soley responsible for your Members' actions and for making sure they follow our ad listing guidelines. Any violations will be dealt with in the same manner as any other registered user.

Q. Can I have a Member in my group that is not part of our business or organization? 
A. While we don't recommend this, it is possible to have anyone as a Member- either in your business or not.

Q. I'm a Subscriber and own a retail store. Can I give someone temporary access to our group so they can enjoy Subscriber features?
A. As above, we don't recommend doing this but it is possible. Just keep in mind that you are responsible for your Members' listing activities.


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Payment, Cancellation & Refunds

Q. What payment options do you accept?
A. We accept all payments through PayPal and electronic check through the ACH network. We do not accept paper checks at this time.

Q. What is the difference between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription?
A. All subscribers have access to the same features and tools. Monthly payers may cancel at any time and terminate the automated monthly billing cycle, provided cancellation request is received five(5) days prior to the billing cycle. Annual subscription payers are provided with a discount for their annual subscription commitment and are not placed on an automated billing cycle. Monthly subscriptions renew and bill automatically until cancelled, annual subscriptions are eligible for a discount and do not renew nor bill automatically. 

Q. Am I eligible for a discount or promotional period?
A. We do not discount subscription plans. However, companies with numerous employees or sales agents will realize significant discounts available with our add-on Group Enterprise plans. Subscribers with a large group member base will enjoy significant savings in subscription benifits for their group members.     

Q. I need to cancel my subscription; what do I need to do?
A. Please send us a note in the form through "Contact Us" and in the Subject line put "Cancell Subscription". We will cancel your subscription immediately and send you a confirmation email. If you are a monthly subscription payer a cancellation notice will need to be recieved by us within five(5) days of the next billing period. If cancellation notice is not received within five(5) days of the next billing period then subscription cancellation and automated billing will occur at the end of the next billing period. If you are an annual subscriber than simply do not complete the subscription process at the end of the subscription period and your account will be cancelled.  If you could share with us why you are cancelling it would be appreciated.

Q. If I cancel do I get a refund?
A. We do not issue refunds of any type. 

Q. I have an annual subscription and would like to cancel; what do I need to do?
A. Nothing. Simply wait for the subscription period to expire and don't renew the subscription at that time.

Q. I just sold or transfered the ownership of my business; may I transfer the balance of my subscription to a new owner?
A. Our system does not allow for the assignment of Subscription accounts and/or ad lsitings. If we realize enough demand for this feature we may consider it for V2 release. 

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Messaging & Communication

Q. I don't see a phone number listed for a particular ad; how do I get in touch with the seller?
A. There are a couple reasons you may not see a phone number; first, the seller may have an anonymous listing for which the only means of communication is through our internal messaging system. Second, if a seller is a Registerd or Subscribed user and their phone number isn't published than they prefer alternative communication means. Registered or Subscribed users opt to provide their phone numbers. 

Q. Why does the communication setting default to Private Communication?
A. Email crawlers (spam bots) scour sites to find email addresses to spam their owners. To keep a crawler out of a site completely is nearly impossible and to keep sensitive data (like email addresses) private is a continuous challange. What we have done is create an internal system that shares random numerical data ond code between users instead of email addresses. This helps keep communication anonymous when the subject matter warrants and keeps addresses safe from spammers.

Q. When would I want to set my communication to Public Communication?
A. This would be for instances when you want maximum exposure over a large market area and want leads to easily get in touch. Keep in mind that your email address is not directly exposed within an ad listing but a rather a "Contact" link is instead provided, which then opens their email browser and then exposes your address. An example of this may be a law firm that wishes for open communication to attract new leads. While this communication option operates just like most "Contact Us" links on the Net, there are crawlers that mine for these email techniques so there is always a risk your address could fall victum to spam bots.

Q. What is the "Public Questions/Answers" at the bottom of each ad listing?
A. Registered and Subscribed users may ask a seller a quick question here. If the seller feels the question could be asked by another buyer the seller may answer the question publicly; posting both the question and answer below the seller's ad. This saves a lot of time from having to repeat common questions and answers. 

Q. Can I use the messaging and Public Questions/Answer system if I am not registered or subscribed?
A. If you are not a Registered or Subscribed user the only means of communicating with another site user is via the contact link accompanying each ad listing. Your email and IP address will be visible to the other user. 

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