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BizClaz.com is the B2B marketplace for business assets and services. 


-The Short Version-

I’ve been a small business owner all of my life and I can relate to the challenges other owners face.  As such, I am a staunch advocate and champion for small business. I want to contribute in such a way to help small businesses succeed by providing meaningful resources that enable entrepreneurs and small businesses.
BizClaz.com is a business-to-business advertising and resource network. We provide an alternative means to market products and services to others with similar interests and needs within different industries. We also provide useful resources that empower entrepreneurs and business owners without fluff and bias.   

-The Complete Version-

Starting and running a small business takes guts, tenacity and discipline. You often have only one chance to get it right. Behind every large corporation is a visionary who at one time dared to think differently from the rest and take a chance.  There are no shortcuts and seldom is there anyone that can help you navigate or completely understand what you’re going through.

Sometimes it feels like large corporations and government conspire against the small business. Large corporations have bountiful resources to artificially manipulate prices and sway public opinion through lobbyists to enhance shareholder value.  Too often it’s about appeasing shareholders and seldom about the people.

The founding principles of government are continually challenged today and too often benefit special interest groups that become a boon to large corporations while encumbering small business. With little to no accountability, the government is a machine and the folks we vote into office often make decisions that adversely affect the entrepreneurial spirit; I can’t help but believe that many in office have forgotten why government (and their jobs) exists.

To be sure, I am not a government conspiracy theorist and I don’t believe all large corporations operate without the human element considered, but what I do believe is that there exist a large number of biases, processes and trade practices that are counter-productive to the American way of creativity and entrepreneurship that makes starting and growing a small business very challenging today. All business should be about bettering the lives of many in varying degrees.

Most startups that live to see their third anniversary will spend 20%-35% or more of their revenue in advertising over the first few years to gain market awareness and build a brand. This is a harrowing figure that not many talk about. It’s also the difference between success and failure, market leader or laggard. I created BizClaz as an advertising vehicle for small businesses that can effectively and affordably share relevant content between others of similar interests, irrespective of company size, budget and industry. BizClaz is more than a classified ad network; we are a community of small business owners and managers who share resources with others of like-minded interests.      

I want to help small businesses succeed and enrich the lives of others.  I hope you find BizClaz.com resourceful and consider its use often as a tool for your business.

Jeff Parrot

Founder BizClaz.com

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