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Branded Gas Station with Easy Operation Under Cont

This is located in Du Page County, nicest county near Chicago land area, 75 thousand people live with 5 miles radius of this Business. Sales are $75'000 C-Store and 65'000 Gallons with $2500/month lottery commission only. Great site for family run, current owners taking home $10'000/month as absentee owners, if you run you can save payroll from yourself. Brand new Tanks Glasteel Composite which is better than 100% fiberglass tanks. All new pumps they just installed, this is the biggest expense in the gas station property which is already done you dint have to worry about for next 20 years. Also extra income from ATM and vendors rebates around $15000/year plus property tax less than $23'000/year. Please have ready your funds you need to inject 25% cash in this business with property. Loan is ready for qualified buyers.

N/A United States Illinois Naperville $1,150,000 Oct 25, 2017, 11:21 pm
Gas Station with NO Alcohol sale

One Man Operation NO Alcohol Sales Take $10'000 Home Guaranteed

Lake County IL
Asking Price $1'275'000
C-Store $80'000/month NO Alcohol
Gallons $77'000/month
Lottery $60'000/year commission only

18 Hrs. easy operation, no alcohol sales for new owner license is available. After credit card expense 12 to 16 cents margin all over the year. C-Store margin is close to 30%. Low cigarettes sales also selling Diesel with high margin. Steady sales, owner will allow 10 days to verify the sales once they agreed on price and sales contract terms. Existing bank is ready to do the loan for new buyer with 25% down payment.

N/A United States Illinois Naperville $1,275,000 Oct 25, 2017, 11:19 pm
Truck Stop Near Chicago Land Area

Truck Stop, 10 Gaming Machines, Bar, Motel & 8.6 Acres land all in 4.1 Million S

Bring you best offer for this Travel Stop, it will go soon, Seller is asking for Travel Stop $2.9 Million & 1.2 Million for Motel separately. All together $4.1 Million, Make you best offer.Truck stop is not available alone for sale. Buyers needs to buy both properties or just Motel.
• 5000 sq.ft. C-Store
• 7000 Sq.ft. Bar and Grill (Rosati’s, Subway & Dunkin Approved)
• Circle K Approved site with offered attractive supply agreement.
• 34 Rooms branded Motel ($65k/Key=$2'80'000 construction cost)(Rev. $300’000/year)
• 8.7 Acres land (current value $200k/Acre=$1.74 Million land value improved all asphalt AAA condition)
• All buildings are 10 years old.
• 2 sets of Game Machines. (generating $7'000/month can do up to $30'000/month once Circle K is IN)
• 3000 Trucker take this exit every day.
This site has been running 100% Absentee since 2013. Take advantage of this opportunity this place will turn into Gold Mine. Make an offer Today, will not stay long in the Market.
This is the great opportunity for those who owns Truck Stop or know this business. This place located off Interstate Highway, situated at 8.7 acres lot all asphalt and in good condition, new development is growing on this exit in next 5 years this exit will be packed and this property value would be double with our projection because we have been sold 10 Travel stops and know their whereabouts. If you are in entertainment business it has Bar with Kitchen in 7000 sq.ft. building it is included in this purchase. You can lease out this Bar and Tavern for $7000/month rent. C-Store is 5000 st.ft. and running, Diesel 5 island and gas 6 islands. Absentee ownership. Sale data will be providing at location while your visit assisted with listing agent.

N/A United States Illinois Naperville $2,900,000 Oct 25, 2017, 11:17 pm
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