Advanced Site Launch- Yea!!!

Posted by bizclaz100 Site Launch- Yea!!!
August 25, 2016 03:55PM
After months of development, testing and fixing we are finally ready to launch September 1st! Its been a very looonngg road.

Throughout the nearly two years this has been in development I have learned so much more than first anticipated. I have been in numerous businesses before, but nothing prepares you for a complete business startup in a field in which you have no previous experience. In truth, it's pretty exhilarating to see your ideas come to light and on the other hand scary as hell, knowing that a hundred mistakes could be made now to loose a substantial investment in time and money. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Many thanks to Walter Cooper; who is our project manager, programmer, developer, fixer and put-it-back-together'er. Without him this could have never come to fruition. Thanks to Kris at Blufyre Media, who developed some of the unique features and functionality in BizClaz that far exceed most of our competition (our secret sauce!). Thank you to Teo at Tampa PC Web Design for his patience and guidance in developing most of the relevant category queries with the Smarty template platform (turns out the Smarty Template Engine is not well known and even less supported- which presented a whole different set of challenges). Thanks to Stelian Benea for 'building out' added functionality and further work on the template structures and most of all, thanks to my wife for her continued patience and support of me while I'll continue to cause undue stress on our financial and social well-being.

And so the journey begins......
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